How much silver is in a silver dollar?

Would you want to know How much silver is in a silver dollar? Ok.

The United States has minted dollar coins since 1794. The coins have been made of many substances, gold, silver, copper, nickel, brass, zinc, & manganese, but the most popular is the US silver dollar. If you are interested in collecting silver US coins, you want to know how much silver is in a silver dollar.

As a rule, the composition of the US silver dollar is 90% silver and 10% copper. The actual silver weight (ASW) is .7736 troy ounces. There was a brief period of silver dollar production when the silver content was upped slightly to compete in foreign markets, but this coin, known as a Trade Dollar, was never intended for domestic circulation. The last circulating silver dollar coins minted in the 1970s contained only 40% silver to 60% copper nickel.

During the early years of US coinage, silver was at least as scarce as gold, and at some times, it was even more valuable. Mintage’s in the early years were very limited due to this scarcity of silver. There was a break in production in silver dollars of some 32 years from 1804 till 1836. Silver was just too scarce and too valuable. It was not until the finding of the “Comstock Lode” in 1850 in Nevada that large quantities of silver dollars could be produced. Even this huge silver find eventually played out. This resulted in another large gap in silver dollar production as the mint ran out of silver in 1904. It was not until after the huge melt of 1918 that silver dollar production was resumed in 1921. By 1926, this silver pool also was running low. Production quantities shrunk until they were again suspended in 1928, resuming only for two years in 1934-5.

Starting in 1986, the US mint began producing the Silver Eagle dollar coin which is 100% silver totaling a full troy ounce. This however is not a circulating coin as the silver content is worth at least 5 times as much as the face value. In the early years, when the silver content was more valuable then the face value, hoarding occurred. However, the value of a dollar up until the mid 1960s was historically significantly higher than the value of silver.

Do you know how much silver is in a silver dollar?

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